06 Sep

Bad fuel strands motorists on Cimarron Turnpike

By john.wallace

STILLWATER – Brenda Brady was traveling home to Colorado on Monday after a Labor Day weekend camping trip in Arkansas when she stopped for $11 worth of gas on the Cimarron Turnpike. She didn’t realize it would end up costing her almost $600 in car repairs and other expenses.

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30 Aug

Bureau Of Standards Works To Ensure Quality Of Fuel In Arkansas

By john.wallace

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Complaints concerning “bad diesel” or “bad gas quality” are among the most commonly received at the Arkansas Bureau of Standards, an investigative division of the State Plant Board and Arkansas Agriculture Department, dedicated to consumer protection and ensuring equity and fairness in Arkansas’s commercial marketplace.

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18 Aug

After C/Bay, fuel adulteration reported from MB

By john.wallace

The Echo of India recently reported that around six two-wheelers and three auto-rickshaws reportedly suffered damages due to fuel adulteration at Campbell Bay in Great Nicobar after which similar complaints came to the notice of this Correspondent.

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25 Jul

Contamination of aviation fuel feared

By john.wallace

If a flooded hangar at Dunedin Airport was not bad enough, an alarm sounded yesterday warning an underground tank of aviation fuel could have been breached by water.

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