14 Jan

Insight: DME Fuel Testing / Syria and Turkey / Smokejumpers / French Film Festival

By steve.wallace

DME Fuel Testing The San Joaquin Valley is gearing up to be the next testing ground for a new, clean alternative to diesel. Oberon Fuels uses a process that converts methane and carbon dioxide to DME (dimethyl ether), a renewable substitute made from a variety of resources, including plant and animal waste. For the first time in North America, Volvo plans to begin manufacturing heavy duty, DME-powered commercial trucks in 2015. They’ve already begun trials with the fuel in Texas, but are bringing their second field-test to California. This time the San Joaquin Valley provided $500,000 to jump start the project, and Safeway food stores will be using DME trucks in local commercial operations.

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05 Dec

Regular diesel fuel coloured red as of Monday

By steve.wallace engine, truck diesel, 18 wheeler

KINGSTON, Jamaica -- The regular diesel fuel supplied by Petrojam Limited will have a red colour as of Monday June 17. Petrojam said that the change in colour is in preparation for the introduction of another grade of diesel, Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) to the market on Monday, June 24. ULSD will be of a light yellow (straw) colour.

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Atlanta Biodieseler Celebrates One Year
05 Dec

Atlanta Biodieseler Celebrates One Year

By kris.sarratt fuel test, microbial test

A Georgia-based biodiesel maker is celebrating its first year in business for its retail station. Atlanta's Clean Energy Biofuels, which touts its biodiesel as the only in the country that is made using 100 percent solar power, threw a party for the one-year anniversary of the opening of their retail biodiesel station by hosting Atlanta Green

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