28 Dec

But shortly after driving away from the Ironto truck stop off Interstate 81, the family's car stopped running. “Within three quarters of a mile we broke down. Completely broke down. Car would not start. It wouldn't hit a lick,” said Patrick.

By john.wallace

“He got on the interstate and immediately saw people on the side of the road. Broke down all lights. You know flashing lights and then he got a mile up the road and our car just shut off,” said Kassie Christian, whose husband was driving her car after getting called into work. According to State Police, at least 13 people broke down Saturday evening after getting gas at the truck stop.

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18 Dec

Tesco closes 'contaminated' fuel pumps after several cars break down

By john.wallace

A Devon Tesco store has closed its petrol pumps after fuel described as being 'contaminated' was blamed for several vehicles breaking down. The Tesco Extra store at Seven Brethren in Barnstaple shut down its pumps on Sunday after a number of drivers reported breaking down after refilling their fuel tanks there.

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