03 Nov

City paying premium diesel fuel prices

By john.wallace

I ended up using different brands of diesel fuel along the way and was amazed at the difference in quality of diesel and corresponding difference in fuel economy.

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03 Nov

Cars still being wrecked by petrol stretching scam

By john.wallace

It’s being reported that thousands of Euro worth of damage being done to petrol powered cars around the Galway area in recent weeks. The ‘petrol stretching’ scam is becoming a nationwide problem as unscrupulous retailers try to get more for their money.

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28 Oct

German Firm to Optimize California Biodiesel Plant

By john.wallace

German firm BDI – BioEnergy International AG will optimize the operations at a California biodiesel plant. The company says it will retrofit the Crimson Renewable Energy LP refinery in Bakersfield, turning waste oil and grease into the green fuel.

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