22 Mar

3 Things to Know About Phase Separation

By john.wallace

Phase separation is a process that occurs inside the underground storage tank when enough water mixes with ethanol-blended gasoline. This causes ethanol molecules to attach to water molecules, which results in the heavy ethanol molecules dropping to the bottom of the tank. This leaves two layers in the tank – a gasoline layer at the top and an ethanol-water “cocktail” along the bottom.

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12 Mar

Airmen keep aircraft fueled

By john.wallace

WHITMAN AIR FORCE BASE — Airmen assigned to the petroleum, oil and lubricants fuels flight of the 509th Logistics Readiness Squadron at Whiteman Air Force Base are an important asset to executing strategic deterrence, global strike and combat support, anytime, anywhere.

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25 Feb

Local gas station suffers water leak

By john.wallace

WILLIAMSON CO. -- Kellie Poindexter of Carterville thought she heard something off when she pumped gas Friday morning at the Carterville Huck's. Poindexter drove a few miles on route 13 before her car stalled out. "We drive back to Huck's and we found out every single pump has an out of order sign," Poindexter said.

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