Faulty Fuel Leaves Drivers Stranded In New Jersey

By john.wallace

The sun was shining on a clear start to the day, so local landscaper Ed Bertini was preparing for a busy day.

“First thing every morning is get gas for the machines and trucks to fill up,” Bertini told CBS2’s Meg Baker.

After hitting the pump at his usual spot, a Sunoco off Route 35 and Sunset Avenue in Ocean Township, he thought his truck was breaking down.

“Once I drove out of the lot the truck started running real rough,” he said. “By the time I got to the light the truck was running smoke out of the exhaust.”

It turns out, the station received a bad batch of gas Wednesday morning. Bertini was not alone.

“We received numerous reports of cars breaking down, disabled,” Ocean Police Lt. Det. Tim Torchia said. “They all came from that station.”

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