Bad gas tanks lead to car breakdowns for customers

By john.wallace

Within an hour, half a dozen people who purchased gas at the BP on North Mount Juliet Road Thursday morning broke down and were towed, according to S&S Towing and Wrecker Services. 

The towing company told News 2 they believe those cars had water in their fuel.  

Lauren Brousseau only purchased $3 of gas Thursday morning and found herself on the side of the interstate half a mile later.  

“It was jerking really bad, I couldn’t accelerate and then my battery light came on, so I just pulled over and it was making a couple of weird noises in the engine,” said Brousseau. 

Her car was soon towed and taken to be fixed. Brousseau told News 2 that the dealership told her the gas in her tank had water in it.

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