Customers complain of ‘tainted’ fuel at Hamilton’s Delta Gas Station

By john.wallace

HAMILTON >> Chuck Farina filled up his vehicle around 9:30 a.m. Sunday at the Delta Gas Station off Route 33 and George Dye Road.

He didn’t get more than three-quarters of a mile down the road before his 2014 Honda CRV started to “conk out.” He steered onto the shoulder, parked and waited for a tow truck. A couple hundred feet away, he noticed other stranded motorists, one in a black Jeep with his flashers on.

Farina walked over to talk to them.

“You didn’t just fill up at the Delta Gas Station?” he recalled asking.

It turns out they had.

Farina was among at least a dozen people who complained they experienced engine troubles after filling up at the gas station over the weekend.

Several vehicles were parked in the lot of the gas station, which was closed Monday, with yellow tape cordoning off the pumps. It will remained closed for the forseeable future after Mercer County officials ordered it shut down and the state Department of Environmental Protection imposed a “delivery ban” over concerns of tainted fuel.

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