Bad fuel strands motorists on Cimarron Turnpike

By john.wallace

As she was pulling out of the Kum & Go gas station near exit 36 on the turnpike, Brady says her car stalled. That’s when two young men approached her and asked if her car had died right after she bought fuel. The same thing happened to them, they said.

They weren’t alone.

Brady estimates 15-20 other vehicles had broken down along the roadside after leaving the station, including some large trucks pulling trailers.

She says the store’s staff didn’t have much to offer when she asked what she was supposed to do and where she was supposed to stay since she was traveling with four dogs and didn’t have money for a hotel room.

“They kept telling us, ‘We don’t know what to tell you,'” Brady said. “We sat there for six and a half hours ... We were going to pitch our tent in from of the Kum & Go and stay there, but my mom helped us out.”

The store staff eventually asked everyone who thought they had purchased bad fuel to file a claim and leave their contact information.

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