Bureau Of Standards Works To Ensure Quality Of Fuel In Arkansas

By john.wallace

Bad fuel,” “bad gas,” and “contaminated fuel” terminology applies to fuel that doesn’t properly combust. Causes of gas contamination can occur at the refinery, during delivery or at the gas station. Symptoms of contaminated fuel include:

· Vehicle sputtering, sluggishness, or begins making odd noises or pinging sounds.

· Difficulty starting, rough idling, stalling of the vehicle, or random “check engine light” illumination.

The State Petroleum Products Division of the Bureau of Standards is responsible for ensuring standards of quality in gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, alcohol fuels, kerosene and petroleum products in commercial transactions. The laboratory conducts visual, flash point, sulfur content, octane, viscosity, specific gravity, water, sediment, glycerin content, and distillation tests on gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, kerosene, and aviation fuel collected from retail and wholesale outlets.

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