Customers find watered-down fuel at local gas station

By john.wallace

“I dumped the gallon of water out, cleaned it out inside, went back to my same pump and filled up with 93 Octane, which is what I was using, and lo and behold the whole bottom was full of water,” said Michael Sarysz, who made the discovery at a Chevron in Sunrise.

Cell phone footage shows Sarysz talking to another customer who also said her car would not start.

Watered-down fuel can significantly damage a vehicle’s engine, according to mechanic Ben Levy.

“It can almost guarantee destroy the fuel system on the vehicle, which can result in thousands of dollars of repairs,” he said.

Chevron said in a statement, “The station has worked quickly to resolve this issue, which involved water seeping into a fuel storage tank during the recent record-setting rains. The water has since been removed.”

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