Bad fuel at BP station in Fort Pierce damages a few vehicles

By john.wallace

FORT PIERCE — Puddles surround the BP truck stop just off Florida's Turnpike in Fort Pierce. The station says road construction nearby is causing the ponding that got so bad after a heavy rain that drivers ran into problems recently.

State testing found all three octanes at the truck stop were contaminated with water. In one tank, state inspectors found more than 3.5 inches of water.

Patrick McQueary broke down on the side of the road just a few miles from the station.

“The total damage came to about $1,600 bucks,” McQueary said. "We depend on gas stations to be reliable. The stuff we put in our cars we just trust them."

Todd Shumway didn’t get far either.

“The bad gas shut the engine down and the car relied on the battery to get off the freeway to a safe spot,” explained Shumway.

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